FileCure Download

FileCure Download

Repair File Extensions and Open Any File

*Quickly open ZIP, RAR, EXE, PDF, WMV and thousands more!

FileCure Features

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Problems Opening a File?

The FileCure Download instantly fixes all file extensions so you can easily open them. The FileCure software analyzes your files to make sure you have the software necessary to open all the different file types and file extensions. It's the best tool for opening unknown email attachments, Internet downloads, compressed files, graphic files, audio and music files, movies, videos, multimedia, documents and thousands of other files.

Pareto Logic FileCure Free Download

NB: You won't have any more problems opening files, documents, images, movies, music or any other file types.

File Types
FileCure Download

Scan Your Computer

The FileCure Download will scan your computer for missing, corrupt and problem file types. It will then check that you have the correct program to open the file, or download it for you.

Fix File Extensions

Fixes File Extension Problems Quickly & Easily

Opens all unknown file types. FileCure is a powerful tool that manages your file extensions and file associations to avoid "file type" errors and enable you to open all file types.

Open A File

Helps You Open Any File - No Matter What File Extension!

FileCure scans your Windows registry to determine which file formats you have problems with. If you don't have the correct software on your computer, FileCure will locate programs online so you can open those specific file types.

File Type Manager

Easy To Use File Type Manager

The intuitive interface makes it easy for you to fix problems opening files. The FileCure software will also automatically activate whenever you're having problems opening a file to fix the problem for you.


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"I had all sorts of problems opening files. I didn't know how to open a file, open wmv, mp3, jpg or mpg files automatically. The FileCure Download helps me to open my files quickly and easily." Testimonial Edward

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"My computer was messed up. I thought about buying a new one. Every time I clicked on .doc files, nothing happened. I had the right programs but had problems opening my files. I tried the FileCure Download and everything works perfectly again. Thanks!" Testimonial Jennifer

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Pareto Logic FileCure Download

The FileCure software makes it easy to open all file types, documents and confusing file extensions. FileCure Download will thoroughly analyze your PC and files and correct the problems that prevent you from opening different types of files. It will save you a lot of time and money locating the correct software to open file extensions, associating file extensions to the correct programs and downloading the correct programs to open specific file types.

How To Open A File

If you're experiencing difficulties opening the files on your computer, chances are you can fix this with the FileCure Download. The FileCure software will help you to open any file, no matter what type it is. To prevent problems from arising in the future, FileCure will also fix the file extensions on your computer so files always open the way they should, without any problems.

Free FIleCure Download

Free FileCure Download

  • Fixes broken file types
  • Downloads the correct programs to open files
  • Fixes missing file associations
  • Internet connection